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EXTSW 7/16" ID x (3/4”/ .740") x 2 inch long 304 Stainless Shaft Spacer

EXTSW 7/16" ID x (3/4”/ .740") x 2 inch long 304 Stainless Shaft Spacer


EXTSW 7/16” ID x 3/4” x 2 inch long 304 Shaft Stainless Spacers

Actual size .442” ID x .740” OD x 2.000” Long

(+/- .003 on all dimensions) 

.030 inch Radius OD / Countersunk ID (no sharp edges)

Made in USA on a CNC lathe

It is a beautiful fit for your 7/16" Stainless Shafts, All-thread, Stuns or Fully threaded bolts.

We can make as many as you need, just contact me.

Some other websites will list their washers as "18-8" or just "stainless steel".

"18-8" is not an specific alloy
"Stainless steel" is not a specific alloy
"18-8" is not the same as 304 Alloy.
"18-8" is a general classification of the 300 series Stainless steel, which includes 302, 302HQ, 303, 304, 305, 384, XM7 .
304 Stainless Alloy is more expensive and is harder to machine than 303. 
304 has better corrosion resistance than 303. 304 is weldable, 303 is not.
The term "18-8" has APPROXIMATELY (not exactly) 18% Chromium and 8% Nickel. 
The term "304" alloy stainless steel has a MINIMUM amount of 18% Chromium and a MINIMUM amount of 8% Nickel, COMBINED with a MAXIMUM of 0.08% Carbon. Carbon is one of the elements that will make it corrode.
Sulfur is added to the 303 alloy which makes it easier to machine, but the sulfur addition does lower Alloy 303’s corrosion resistance to below that of Alloy 304 and also makes it not suitable for welding.

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