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Norton Vortex Rapid Blend 66254429268


Norton Depressed Center Vortex Rapid Finish

Unified Nonwoven Abrasive Wheel

Type 27

4-1/2" Diameter, 7/8" Arbor

Grit  VORTEX-5AM (100-150 Grit)66254429268


  • Proprietary engineered Vortex aluminum oxide agglomerated grain performs the medium to fine grit steps of traditional aluminum oxide discs
  • Special resin chemistry resists shedding when used on sharp edges, making it ideal for deburring; no smearing


  • Thick nylon web for 2X longer life and faster finishing vs. traditional aaluminum oxide discs, with minimal shedding


  • Medium grit for moderate surface prepping, deburring, blending and removing parting lines, rust, and coatings on stainless steel, soft metals like aluminum, and super alloys